Circinus SMA® makes sense of the vast universe of unstructured data. We structure data through our complex ingestion, management and analytics enterprise to make it available as either fully developed analytics or raw, indexed and structured data to support analysis and decisions.

Threat Management

Circinus SMA® for Threat Management employs data derived from a wide array of publicly available and client-provided sources to monitor, evaluate and quantify threats related to detectable activities through behavior modeling, relationship analytics and identity resolution. Governments and corporations have a driving requirement to understand how detectable, online activities and associations of people can affect security and their missions.

Circinus SMA for Threat Monitoring supports:

  • Detection of risk behaviors and associations with known bad actors
  • Online and identity risk management for personnel in high-risk organizations
  • Deep vetting for high-risk populations

Credit scoring agencies evaluate a single known persona based on structured financial and transactional data to assign probabilistic scores that inform financial risk management. Circinus SMA® for Threat Management correlates multiple online personas for each monitored individual. It employs structured and unstructured data to model multiple combinations of events and behaviors to quantify risk and inform decisions. It then continuously monitors risk activity to detect changes and provide alerts.

Open Source Intelligence

Circinus SMA® for OSINT uses data derived from a wide array of publicly available sources to monitor and analyze the information universe to support decisions, understand popular responses, evaluate popular sentiment and assess relationships. Organizations and governments need a way to understand and manage their open source information environments. Circinus SMA® for OSINT enables understanding of popular sentiment, key communicators and popular responses to social or environmental events.

Circinus SMA® for Threat Monitoring supports:

  • Situational Awareness
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Measures of Effectiveness
  • Assessment of Population Propensities
  • Key Influencer Identification
  • Monitoring Societal Events