Circinus designed the analysis features of mAItrx® specifically to meet the intelligence demands of security, business and law enforcement. Circinus mAItrix is a cutting-edge Open Source analytics platform that enables users to search and analyze, in real-time, a broad array of open source and social media content such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more, by location, keywords, users, and groups, from anywhere in the world, with single clicks. mAItrx users have access to unmatched situational awareness through real-time social media content to inform decisions and turn information into action.

Desktop Open Source Analysis

Circinus mAItrx® enables advanced searches in social networks including posts, followers, activity time, influence and more, to gain analytical information about topics of interest targets. mAItrx queries and extracts all relevant social circles from user-defined topics and expeditiously provides the user with deep intelligence insights.

Employing API access, Circinus mAItrx allows the user to analyze real-time information and search for historical data to efficiently extract the relevant insights. mAItrx then stores the queried data for further analysis.