Managing Complexity in the Information Universe

Because we recognize that the security of our client’s data and its source is essential, we build analytics enterprises on the most secure platforms in the world and layer security across the enterprise. Circinus creates order in a chaotic information universe.

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Operational Divisions

From its four complementary operational divisions, Circinus provides engineering, equipment, software, consulting, training and DevOps support.

Our Services


Circinus SMA® makes sense of the vast universe of unstructured data. We structure data through our complex ingestion, management and analytics enterprise to make it available as either fully developed analytics or raw, indexed and structured data to support analysis and decisions.

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Circinus mAItrx® enables advanced searches in social networks to gain analytical information about topics of interest such as posts, followers, activity time, influence and more. mAItrx® queries and extracts all relevant social circles from user-defined topics and rapidly provides the user with deep intelligence insights.

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