Our Employees

Supporting Our Employees

We are committed to the employment security for our people. We enable flexible work options and provide creative alternatives to address employee challenges as we continue to fill client-facing roles across our organization. To learn more about opportunities to join Circinus, visit our Careers site.

Our Nation

Supporting Our Nation

While keeping employee health and safety as our top priority, we will continue to support the missions and goals of clients globally at the highest level possible. We are committed to support the U.S. Government and our partner enterprises as they work to continue their own operations during this unprecedented time of crisis, including programs directly related to COVID-19 recovery.

Our Clients

Supporting Our Clients

Throughout the coming year, Circinus will continue to commit resources and talent to developing our technology and consulting expertise to combat the effects of the virus. Circinus is already assisting clients with infectious disease surveillance, policy decision support and understanding social impact.

Featured Insights

Circinus SMA for Pandemic Surveillance

Circinus uses open-source data to help clients understand and shape responses to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s no surprise that people, literally everywhere in the world, are talking about the COVID-19 pandemic on social media and in news outlets in virtually every language. Beyond simply sharing individual thoughts and concerns, online content en masse provides valuable insights that can help us respond to, and mitigate, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.